New Mexico Magazine | October 2008
The title says it all: 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Albuquerque (Including Santa Fe,
Mount Taylor and San Lorenzo Canyon)
. End of story. Beginning of hike.

This is the best book about hitting New Mexico’s trails that I’ve run across.
New Mexican Stephen Ausherman dedicated a year to exploring local
preserves and scenic backcountry before imparting his expertise to likeminded
nature lovers. His meticulous note-taking and outdoor workouts have paid off—
the book is packed with useful suggestions and personal insight, a trail mix of
information that’s sure to energize the local REI enthusiast. The introduction is
a how-to guide for navigating not only the book, but the many trails featured in
its pages. It begins with a list of trails, for ease of reference organized by
different categories: by length, the author’s top 12 choices for those with kids
or dogs, and the best hikes for sacred sites, ghost towns, people watching, or
water features. Ausherman also includes sections on wheelchair-accessible
trails and mountain-biking adventures, but this is only the beginning.

The book is easy to navigate at a glance, and includes maps, sidebars, GPS
coordinates, and driving directions. According to Ausherman, “within 60 miles
of Albuquerque, you’ll find six national forest ranger districts, four national
monuments, four federally designated wilderness areas, a national wildlife
refuge, a national preserve, and at least three state parks.”

The best book about hitting
New Mexico's trails.
-New Mexico Magazine
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The ultimate backyard hiking guide.
-Local iQ
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Escapades to hard-to-reach spots lift
'60 Hikes' to the front of the pack.
-Albuquerque Journal
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