Luna County's Conceptual Nation

by Stephen Ausherman

New Mexico Magazine

January 2006
an excerpt:

New Mexico has drawn more than
its fair share of artists, but few as
outlandish as the
Rebar group.
The visionary tetrad set out into
the empty desert east of Deming to
build a library for the experimental
micronation of Cabinetlandia.

The history of the land goes back
some 40 years, when Sunshine
Valley Ranchettes offered
half-acre homesites for a mere
$299 in a development plan
destined for failure. The dusty
wasteland would then remain
largely neglected until it showed up
on eBay in late 2002.

After days of fierce bidding, one
scrubby tract belonged to the
editors of the acclaimed art
quarterly, Cabinet. Their winning
bid: $325 ...
by Stephen Ausherman

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